Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Faby Marcelia - Photo Scandal

Faby Marcelia Photo Scandal - Photos Faby Marcelia widely circulated in cyberspace. The photos were allegedly similar artists and Faby Marcelia - Revan T. Narya. Is this true? Considering that both always denied having an affair.

In the photo, Faby seen with her lover who also pesinetron, Revand Narya was in a room.

In another photo, soap star 'Love Cenat Cenut 2' is hotter pose again. At the edge of the bed, Faby seen sitting shirtless.

To be sure, they are now beginning to open up. Not long ago at a birthday celebration Faby the 17th, though with a red face and shy, Revan arrival was greeted enthusiastically by a talent show finalist Mamamia Show in 2008 was.

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