Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Foto Mesra Wanda Hamidah - Raffi Ahmad

Wanda Hamidah several times denied having an affair with Raffi Ahmad. But recently, circulating photos Wanda intimate with Raffi. In the photo looks Wanda leaned back Raffi. While Raffi looks were enjoying a lunch pack. Not only the two of us, it is also seen in the photo colleagues Raffi, like Olga Syahputra and Denny 'Cagur'. They are also enjoying lunch pack.

In the photo looks Raffi and Wanda are very close. Raffi posing smiling at the camera, while Wanda spoiled stick side. With the re-release of their intimate photos, the more powerful it publicly assumption that Raffi and Wanda does have a special relationship, although of the two has always denied it.

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